New England Arborist Tree Care, LLC

CT State Licensed Arborist
#S-5664 B-2706

Arborists are tree care professionals who can help with the selection, maintenance, care and removal of trees and shrubs in residential, commercial and public landscapes. They are trained in all aspects of woody plant health and care, including diagnosis and treatment of diseases, insect infestations and environmental problems. They can safely climb up into tall trees to prune limbs, and will cut, chip and remove all of the brush. They can recommend watering, fertilizing, pesticide applications and other cultural programs to help maintain the long-term health and 
beauty of landscapes. Arborists are licensed by the State of Connecticut, and are required to stay up-to-date with the rapid advances of tree biology, care and treatment.

  The average person doesn't fully understand the process that goes into planting, installation, or the introduction of trees to their landscape. As a result, many trees either die, bust walls, crack foundations of sidewalks, drive-ways and even homes. An improperly planted tree can topple, destroy pool pumps, break main waterlines, become very hazardous from touching power lines and the list goes on and on. 

The number one reason for this is that the average consumer has not been properly educated about a tree’s genetics. Each species of tree, depending on its environment, will grow a certain way. The average consumer will usually take no thought in the root structure or growth behavior of a tree. Therefore, it is Highly Recommended that you use a licensed arborist.